Daikin fluoropolymer coatings

ZEFFLE fluoropolymer coatings offer ultra-weatherability, high dirt resistance and excellent chemical resistance to demanding formulations. Suitable for a wide range of substrates, the formulated coatings protect metal durably without the need of a primer in some specific cases. The developed coatings can be adapted to heat or ambient cure as cure to offer more flexibility to applicators.

ZEFFLE GK for outstanding weatherability

Why is it an innovation?
The typical PTFEs (tetra fluoro ethylene) provide excellent weatherability, chemical and heat resistance. However they usually have a poor solvent solubility and need a high temperature curing.
ZEFFLE fluoro solvent base resin is a modified fluoro chain that conserves the basic properties of PTFE with major improvements. Zeffle SE not only exceeds most of Fluoro varnish existing on the market but is also offers significant benefits compared to standard Acrylic laquers an Acrylic urethanes:
  • Durability / gloss retention
  • heat or ambient cure for touch up
  • Improved chemical resistance
  • Cleanability
Comparative Data
Comparative Data
Different grades suitable for different applications
Zeffle is available in different grades to exactly fit in formulators need. Whether you need to design high solid coatings, require high compatibility with additives, or have low aromatic hydrocarbon solvent type etc. there is a Zeffle SE grade for you.

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