Daikin fluoropolymer coatings

ZEFFLE fluoropolymer coatings offer ultra-weatherability, high dirt resistance and excellent chemical resistance to demanding formulations. Suitable for a wide range of substrates, the formulated coatings protect metal durably without the need of a primer in some specific cases. The developed coatings can be adapted to heat or ambient cure as cure to offer more flexibility to applicators.

Hydrophilic modifier for improved cleanability

Why an hydrophilic modifier?
On top of being resistant to UV and last over time, specifiers require outdoor coating to maintain a clean aspect aiming at limiting maintenance cost.
In order to fit with this demanding need, Daikin has developed an innovative hydrophilic additive that improves the cleanability properties of solvent-based coatings. This agent creates a coating film which provides superior stains and soil wipe-off :
  • Stains and dirt can be easily washed off by rainwater
  • Coating to which the hydrophilic additive are added are suitable for sites where touch-up is difficult or where aesthetic is critical.
How it works?
This performance is due to the capacity of this additive to migrate easily to the surface compared to standard hydrophilic modifier.
This unique dirt removability is reached by adding only 1-2%.
Conventional Hydrophilic modifier
How it compares?
The graph below shows how rapidly after application and months after, the contact angle of surface decreases, enabling the water rinse off effect of soil. As a result, the surface are maintained cleaned as seen on picture 1.

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