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Solvay Freeze-Thaw and Open Time Extender additives fulfill the paint and coatings industry's need for environmentally friendly solutions. These functional additives help coating & inks formulators and resin producers for their low to Zero VOC water based developments.

Market users

Rhodoline® FT-100 and Rhodoline® OTE-500 support formulators (coatings, paints, colorants, inks...) by providing specific sets of benefits valuable for their customers.
These functional additives also allow resin producers to get better performing products and thus to give formulators enhanced resins.

See Rhodoline® FT-100 and Rhodoline® OTE-500 benefits & applications:
Rhodoline® FT-100 Rhodoline® OTE-500
Additive function Freeze-thaw Open time extender
  • Paint & coating formulators
  • Resin producers
  • Paint & coating formulators
  • Colorant formulators
  • Ink formulators
  • Resin producers
Applications Water based paints & coatings Water based paints & coatings, colorants, & inks
Key benefits
  • Excellent freeze-thaw stability
  • Enhanced gloss
  • Improved stain resistance
  • Good block & scrub resistance
  • Improved open time extension
  • Excellent dispersion stability
  • Helps to reduce/eliminate wetting agents
  • Versatile solution for wide range of binder systems
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Case Studies from Break-Through Multi-functional Open Time Extender & Freeze-Thaw additives Center

Improve Workability and Film appearance of Textured Coatings

Solvay Novecare has developed an innovative open time extender, Rhodoline® OTE-500, suitable for Textured Coatings. Rhodoline® OTE-500 is a high performance APE-free, VOC-free and low odor additive that extends open time to a whole range of waterbased paints and coatings.


Improve the freeze-thaw stability and gloss for your semi-gloss paint

Rhodoline® FT-100 is a low odor, APE-free & Zero VOC solution dedicated to develop coatings with Ecolabel compliance, excellent freeze-thaw stability in addition to improved gloss.


Extended open time for water based architectural paints, colorants & inks

Solvay’s Rhodoline® OTE-500 is an open time extender additive for water based coatings, colorants & inks; developed with an innovative patented technology.  This liquid additive increases open time and wet edge performance and simplifies the work of formulators by providing several key benefits....



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