Biocides are usually added to paint formulations to maintain the product’s integrity and inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria on a variety of surfaces.

Lonza biocides help to preserve products in the can as well as after application. Lonza offers two complementary ranges of products to address the challenges faced by formulators: Omadine® and Proxel®.

In-can and Dry-film preservation thanks to Lonza biocides

Whether you want your coating to last when stored in the can or to keep its aesthetics when applied, the usage of biocides is critical.

Lonza biocides can effectively protect your coatings before and after application! The Omadine® and Proxel® biocide product ranges from Lonza are good options that offer wet-state protection and dry-film preservation to paints & coatings.

Effective in-can / wet-state preservation for water-based paints

Water-based paints are prone to microbial contamination and require biocides to act as in-can preservatives. Without any preservative, several issues can occur such as paint viscosity change, loss of physical properties, bulging cans and others.

Lonza Proxel® preservatives are very effective against bacteria, fungi and yeasts in a wide range of water-based products. These products are available as dispersions, solutions and pastes and can be formulated in many different ways to meet customer needs.

Proxel® preservatives show several advantages and offer valuable benefits to formulators:

  • A broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, fungi and yeasts
  • Non-specific mode of action so that bacterial resistance is unlikely
  • Non-volatile
  • Stable at elevated temperatures
  • Low mammalian toxicity
  • Biodegrade in effluent systems
  • Do not release formaldehyde
  • Liquid formulations allow for easy addition and dosing

On top of that, to comply with the changing regulatory environment, Lonza offers a range of MIT-free in-can preservatives (MIT = 2-methylisothiazol-3(2H)-one (ISO)). Among these MIT-free options:
- Proxel® BZ Plus Preservative and Proxel® LS Preservative are available worldwide
- The recently launched Proxel Spektra™ Preservative has been specifically designed for Europe

Table 1 shows that in an industry standard antimicrobial challenge test, only 0.25% (or less) of Proxel® LS Preservative effectively preserved all of the following materials:

Materials pH Challenge Type Pass level
Acrylic polymer emulsion 8.0 Bacterial 0.10%
Urethane emulsion 7.4 Bacterial 0.25%
Neutral pH polymer emulsion 6.8 Bacterial 0.10%
Acidic polymer emulsion 4.5 Fungal 0.10%
Urethane emulsion 6.8 Bacterial 0.10%
Neutral pH polymer emulsion 7.2 Bacterial 0.15%
Acidic polymer emulsion 4.3 Bacterial 0.15%
Table 1: Results with Proxel® LS Preservative in an industry standard antimicrobial challenge test

Optimized dry-film preservation for paints in humid environments

In wet and humid environments, the use of fungicides for interior or exterior paint formulations is more than essential to limit the fungal growth. Without the use of biocides, the paints’ aesthetics and performance are affected: discoloration, loss of adhesion, odors and other critical issues.

Lonza Omadine® antimicrobials were designed to address these exterior coatings challenges faced by formulators.

As an illustration, the use of Omadine® antimicrobial offers several advantages and benefits to formulators:

  • A broad spectrum of activity
  • Inhibits growth of fungi and algae for long-term
  • Dry-film protection
  • Zero VOC
  • EPA approval for use in the United States
  • Chemical stability
  • Color-stable technology

Omadine® antimicrobial can be used in various coating applications: wall paints, wood stains, masonry coatings, roof coatings and others.

See the applications covered by Omadine® and Proxel® biocides ranges and specifically applications where MIT-free solutions are important.


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