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New High-Performance Environmentally-Friendly Yellow and Orange Pigments

This is a Past Webinar
Shepherd Color Expert will explain during this webinar the benefits of new and improved pigments, such as NTP (Niobium Tin Pyrochlore) Yellow and RTZ (Rutile Tin Zinc) Orange, that bridges the performance gap between inorganic and organic pigments by providing bright chromatic colors that have high opacity and outstanding durability without relying on elements that face regulatory hurdles.
Mark Ryan Presented By:
Mark Ryan

Length: 60 min

Why should you view this webinar?

Though this webinar you will get to know the benefits of these new pigments that push the edge of the durable color envelope:

  • NTP Yellow is a brand-new patented pigment that is close to the color space of middle-lead chromate. It has a bright, chromatic yellow masstone with clean tints that shows outstanding innate resistance to UV, heat, acids, bases, chemicals and solvents.
  • RTZ Orange is an improvement on previous products to give it an increased red tone. The RTZ Orange makes an excellent colorant for the orange color space but also as modifier for colorants in the yellow to red color range. It makes an excellent way to 'redden' up a yellow shade color or improve the opacity red shade colors.

Who should view this webinar?

NTP Yellow and RTZ Orange provide:

  • High-performance colorant tools for the chemist and formulator to expand the high-performance color envelope liquid and powder coatings.
  • Designers, colorists and marketing people an expanded color envelope to make more impactful corporate colors, signage, automotive, ACE and other high performance applications.

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Mark Ryan Marketing Manager - The Shepherd Color Company

Mark Ryan Mark Ryan is the Marketing Manager for The Shepherd Color Company of Cincinnati, OH. Mr. Ryan has worked for Shepherd Color for 17 years and has held various technical, sales and marketing positions in the coatings and pigment market for 23 years. He has a Chemistry degree from Saint Louis University and an MBA from The University of Missouri at St. Louis. He has been published and presented around the world about inorganic high-performance pigments' durability, IR reflectivity and other special properties. Mr. Ryan is a board member of the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition and the SPE-Color and Appearance division. His favorite color is blue.


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