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Askofen R9600 and can-coatings – A sensitive cross-linker with reduced free formaldehyde

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Phenolic resins are widely used as cross-linkers for can-coatings in combination with epoxy or polyester resins. Phenolic resins show excellent corrosion and chemical resistance as well as good adhesion to the substrate. One major drawback of phenolic resin formulations is the presence of free formaldehyde.

Since 2016, formaldehyde is classified as “probably carcinogenic to humans; category 1B”. However, this classification is bound to a concentration trigger of >=0.1wt%. We developed a new phenolic cross-linker with reduced free formaldehyde in order to match those requirements.

Askofen R9600 has a free formaldehyde concentration of <0.5wt% and can be used as cross-linker for inside can-coatings (free formaldehyde <0.1wt%). In addition, epoxy resins as main resin component are controversially discussed due to possible migration of BisA/BADGE into the food.

In order to avoid the BisA/BADGE-discussion, Askofen R9600 was used in combination with a hyperbranched polyester. The final formulation had a free formaldehyde content <0.1wt%. This formulation was used as baking enamel for can-coatings and final properties like flexibility, sterilization and chemical resistance will be discussed during the presentation.
Dr Jan Klesing Presented By:
Dr. Jan Klesing

Length: 20 min

Why should you view this webinar?

This webinar will discuss the current status of can-coatings with a strong focus on phenolic resins as cross-linkers. The classification of BisA/BADGE and free formaldehyde will be discussed.

The new cross-linker Askofen R9600 supports formulators to develop a harmless formulation without migration potential. A starting formulation based on Askofen R9600 and hyperbranched polyester polyol will be discussed and coating properties will be analyzed.

This webinar will give a good start point for BisA/BADGE- and formaldehyde-free can-coatings for future applications.

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  • Formulators
  • Chemists
  • Chemicals Technicians
  • Product managers

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Dr. Jan Klesing Lab manager - ASK Chemicals, Specialty resins

Dr Jan Klesing Jan Klesing has started his career at ASK Chemicals in November 2012. In his role as lab manager for the business line Specialties, he is responsible for new product development and optimization with a strong focus on phenolic resins and waterbased alkyd emulsions for industrial applications.


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