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WB Packaging Inks: Formulation Tips to Solve the 5 Biggest Challenges

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Performance and stability of water based packaging inks rely heavily on the choice of raw materials used. Each formulation must be tailored to the specific end use for which it is designed. The techniques used for formulating solvent based inks don’t translate to the water based ones. When you formulate water based inks, new challenges occur (slow drying, poor ink adhesion, foaming, poor ink stability...) that you didn’t face with solvent based inks. 

Watch this tutorial and let our specialist, Terence Kenneth share concrete and practical tips to resolve these challenges with water based packaging inks. 

Author : Terence Kenneth

Terence Kenneth

Terence Kenneth is the founder of Ink Intelligence, ( an independent consulting firm dedicated to the development of printing ink technology around the world. He began working in the printing ink industry in 1984 in the U.K. and has since held the positions of Technical Manager and Technical Director for a number of international corporations, including Manders, Johnson & Bloy, Kromacorp, Eckart America, Pemla International, Rieger Printing inks and Polytex Environmental Inks.

Terence is currently developing ink formulations and printing solutions for clients in the U.S.A, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, and China.

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