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Polyurethane wood coatings are frequently exposed to harsh environments such as heat, UV, stains, scratch and abrasion. For this, they have to be highly resistant to heat, UV, hydrolysis...


Do you want to increase the durability of your Polyurethane formulation? Discover UBE Eternacoll®, a range of high performance Polycarbonate Diols. These products offer customizable possibilities...


UBE ABRAFATI 2013 Presentation: Use of polyol mixtures including Polycarbonate Diol for improving performance of coatings obtained from Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersions. Applications: Coatings &...

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As a formulator of transparent PU based coatings, it is critical for you to formulate high clarity and durable Polyurethane. Fortunately for you, UBE has developed Eternacoll® Polycarbonate Diol...

Case Study

UBE Eternacoll® Polycarbonate Polyol is the ideal raw material for formulation of Polyurethane-based exterior pipe coatings. Why? Because it helps to provide an improved durability to PU thanks...


UBE Industries, Ltd. is a Japanese company providing higher value-added chemicals for five different markets: - Specialty Chemicals & Products - Chemicals & Plastics - Cement & Construction...

Jun 8, 2015 | Article

UBE, a Strong Player in the Polyurethane Market – Interview of Dr. Manuel Colera

Dr. Manuel Colera, Business Development Manager at UBE, was interviewed by Dr Raphael Mestanza, in order to give an overview of UBE’s positioning in the growing Polyurethane market. UBE is a...

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Are you struggling to formulate exterior coatings for oil & mining pipe that can resist to very harsh environmental conditions? Learn more about Novel Polyurethane coatings obtained with...

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UBE Eternacoll® Polycarbonate Diol is the ideal raw material for formulation of Polyurethane-based pavements. Why? Because it helps to provide an improved durability to PU thanks to improved...

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As a formulator of Polyurethane Coatings for Leather applications, you are sick of trying to formulate Polyurethane coatings that are flexible enough to avoid cracks, without significantly reducing...
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Wednesday May 24 2017

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Match SB ink performance levels (adhesion, drying speed...) with your WB film inks by reviewing latest strategies implemented in recently commercialized inks (food packaging, labels...).

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