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NECOWEL™ 700 is widely used as polyester-polyol for waterborne 2K-PU-lacquers for industrial applications. NECOWEL™ 700 shows excellent hardness, outstanding gloss and great chemical resistance...

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To develop PCB and electronic parts resisting to harsh conditions, conformal coating are used to protect against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes. Current solutions are using...

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High heat protection is a property required in many industries like aerospace, industrial, oil & gas or marine. The challenge is not only to provide a sufficient level of heat protection, but also...


A coalescing agent must be used to decrease MFFT to a level below 5 °C. Recommended coalescing agents for Synexil AW 43CX: Dowanol DPnB, Dowanol TPnB, Texanol, Eastman EEH, phenoxyethanol...

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Protective coatings is a challenging application and current solutions, such as silicone, are not able to endure temperature higher than 550°C (peak) for more than 16 hours and are not providing a...


A novel WACKER dispersion for exterior paints combines the unique properties of organic and mineral components. The high pigment stability of PRIMIS® AF 1000 makes for richly colored facades that...

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In the first part of "High heat protective coating breakthroughs" technical paper, we presented two innovative solutions to develop high heat protective coatings with corrosion, mechanical and...

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PRIMIS® AF 1000 is WACKER’s flagship binder for the production of exterior architectural paints that offer superior performance. With an inorganic core in an aqueous polymer dispersion based on...

Jan 11, 2016 | Article

What are the Alternatives to BPA in Coatings?

By Sreeparna Das

In the first part of the report, we saw in detail the coating industry’s connection to Bisphenol A (BPA) and the regulatory status w.r.t. BPA. In the second part of this report, we are presenting...

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Polyurethane wood coatings are frequently exposed to harsh environments such as heat, UV, stains, scratch and abrasion. For this, they have to be highly resistant to heat, UV, hydrolysis...
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Tuesday Sep 13 2016

By Andreas Tschech

Clarify the new EU food contact regulation requirements and define the right migration testing strategy for your food contact approval application.

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