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Cytec (Solvay Group)

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Proprietary UV light stabilizer. Addresses the demanding UV requirements in coatings industry. Delivers significant cost performance benefits, combined with low viscosity and low interference for... view more
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Di (2-ethylhexyl) maleate. It is a reactive crosslinking and plasticizing monomer which may be copolymerized with other monomers such as styrene, vinyl acetate, EVA, PVC, and acrylates providing... view more
N, N'-Methylene bisacrylamide. It is a bi-functional internal cross-linking monomer that is also capable of free radical polymerization. Forms extensive polymer networks. Copolymerizes with... view more
Proprietary functional monomer. It is a clear, reddish-brown, odorless liquid. Provides outstanding wet adhesion and wet scrub resistance at levels as low as 0.5% (phm). Does not homopolymerize... view more
Cytec (Solvay Group)
Tri-allyl cyanurate. It is a cost-effective, tri-functional, internal crosslinking monomer capable of forming homo-polymers and copolymers. Exhibits scrub resistance, high-impact resistance and wet... view more
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