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Eastman Chemical Company
Fumaric adduct of rosin. Possesses moderate acidity. Is partially esterized to obtain hardness and moderate acidity, which makes it dispersible in ammonia or amine water. Used in waterbased... view more
  • Inks>Water-based
  • Inks>Flexographic inks
Pentaerythritol ester of maleic anhydride-modified wood rosin. It is a pale, high softening point, high acid number, thermoplastic resin. It is highly soluble in typical organic solvents as well as... view more
  • Coatings
  • Inks>Water-based
  • Inks>Flexographic inks
  • Coatings Markets>Other industries>Paper coatings
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Mike Clingerman
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Tuesday Nov 15 2016

By Mike Clingerman

Optimize the curing profile of your UV system for coatings & inks. Review all the factors affecting curing performance & cost throughout the curing process (ingredients, UV lamps, ambient conditions...). Latest rad-cure innovations will also be discussed using industry examples.

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