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Solid Styrene Acrylic Resin. It exhibits properties like extremely high pigment grinding efficiency, high holdout & high transfer, easy solubilization, medium molecular weight and excellent... view more
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  • Inks>Flexographic inks
  • Inks>Gravure
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50% solution of alkyd resin in xylene, modified by acrylic monomers and styrene. It exhibits oil and benzene resistance and acid-alkali-resistance. Suitable for glossy weather-resistant quick-drying... view more
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  • Coatings Markets>Automotive refinishing>Enamels
  • Coatings Markets>General Industrial /Maintenance
  • Coatings Markets>Transportation>Rail transport
Polynt Composites USA
Styrene acrylic-modified alkyd resin. Has very good exterior durability, good hardness, fast drying and good corrosion resistance... view more
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