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Ashland Specialty Chemical
N-vinyl-2-caprolactam. It is a pale yellow crystalline solid stabilized with 10 ppm N,N’-di-sec-butyl p-phenylenediamine. It accelerates UV curing rates as the reactive diluent. It imparts unique... view more
N-Vinyl Caprolactam by BASF is a N-vinyl caprolactam. It has high reactivity and high cutting power. It is water soluble. N-Vinyl Caprolactam by BASF imparts hardness and adhesion... view more
Grupa Azoty
e-aminocaproic acid lactam. Is offered in two states, white solid (irregular flakes) at 20°C, and colorless clear liquid above 70°C with no mechanical impurities. It is used as a monomer for the... view more
IHT Group
N,N'-Isophtaloyl bis caprolactam. It is a di-functional amido-chain extender. Offers good heat stability. Extended chain reaction occurs by coupling reaction of macromolecules through enhancing... view more
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