The Universal Selection Source: Coatings Ingredients

How to select raw materials smarter and faster for your Coatings & Inks formulations? Renowned experts in the field have designed these Selection Guides to assist you further in your selection according to your applications. In this section, we also provide you with Technology Profiles, states of the art of the main raw materials used in Paints, Coatings & Inks.

Selection Guide

Water Based Folding Carton Inks

By Terence Kenneth

Inks for folding cartons need to be formulated with moderately high gloss and good surface rub resistance. This selection guide will detail the common types of materials used in folding carton segment. It would also help you select waxes, resins, emulsions, defoamers, surfactants and pigments for producing inks for folding cartons.

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Selection Guide

Acrylic Resins Selection for Coatings

By François Magnin

To select Acrylic Resins for coatings, you would need to know about acrylic resin types, their key characteristics and applications. This guide will help you differentiate between pure acrylic resins and non-acrylic monomers. A brief description about acrylic resin forms like thermoplastic acrylic resins, cross-linking acrylic resins and acrylic latexes is offered as well. This guide also focuses on the main parameters to consider while selecting acrylic resins for your coating formulation.

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Selection Guide

Solvent Based Flexible Packaging Inks

By Terence Kenneth

Review the guidelines to select raw materials dedicated to flexible packaging inks segment. This selection guide would help you select waxes, surface additives, various resins as well as pigments for flexible packaging inks. Both flexographic and gravure printing methods are used for flexible packaging printing. These two methods share the same raw materials, so in this selection guide both printing methods will be grouped and explained together.

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Online Course

Andreas Tschech
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Tuesday Sep 13 2016

By Andreas Tschech

Clarify the new EU food contact regulation requirements and define the right migration testing strategy for your food contact approval application.

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