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Fillers Selection for Coatings

Fillers selection for coatings takes into account several aspects which will be dealt with in this selection guide. Many important properties of filler systems are discussed in this guide. It also consists of how these system properties are influenced by the fillers used. The objective of this selection guide is to support you in your fillers selection, depending on the final properties you want to reach for your paints / coatings.

Fillers for Coatings

Fillers are solid particles used to improve properties and to lower costs of systems. Several aspects have to be taken into consideration when selecting fillers for coatings.

The reason is that key system properties, like ease-of-production, storage stability, application behavior and properties of the resulting film, are governed by the properties of the solid particles used in the system. In the following a few important properties of systems are discussed and it is explained how those system properties are influenced by the fillers that are used. For this purpose, the systems are divided into categories:

  1. Paints, being the liquid system.
  2. Coatings, being the systems that have formed a film on a substrate.
    1. Primers, being the layers applied directly onto the substrate
    2. Topcoats, being in direct contact with the surroundings.

Selecting fillers for coatings

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