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Select Scratch & Mar Resistance Agents for Coatings

Scratch & Mar Resistance agents are recommended in many formulations where improved resistance is required. Due to the influence of an agent on many properties, a correct choice may also positively influence other finished coating's characteristics. Among the large choice of agents available in market, this guide will help you select the right product for your formulation on the basis of its type and important characteristics.

Need for Scratch & Mar Resistance Agents

Scratch and Mar Resistance AgentsHigh-end finishes offers the perfect aesthetic and the required durability. Nevertheless, across the time, the paint will be subject to numerous aggressions that may deteriorate its surface.

Besides the negative effect on the film aesthetic, these scratches can also lead to more severe issues. They reduce the film durability itself by causing corrosion spots when the paint itself is damaged down to the substrate.

Nowadays, consumer expects a product to look new even after time of use. This challenge obliged the formulator to search for solutions in order to reach this imperative requirement. Among all the type of agents available in the market, an introduction to Scratch & Mar Resistance Agents can help you select the best material for your formulation.

What is a Scratch & Mar Resistance Agent?

Scratch & mar refers to damage from impact, rubbing or abrasion that produces visible scratches or marring and hence damages the paint film. It sometimes can be rubbed out when they are very light.

A Scratch & Mar Resistance Agent is used to reinforce the coating’s resistance to these damages

These agents are present in various coatings, such as solvent borne, water borne, UV, Powder, where a specific need in the scratch and mar resistance is required, for instance, in:

In many cases, an excellent level of scratch resistance is required in order to improve the paint ageing. Indeed, depending on the amount of material removed from the surface during the scratch event, the depth of penetration may not only deteriorate the visible film, which affects the aesthetic view by reducing the gloss or let a visible line, but can also reach the substrate, affecting the paint integrity. This occurs especially after some times when the paint surface recovers its flatness.

Difference between Fresh and Aged Scratch on Coating

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