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Select Curing Agents for Coating Formulations

Curing, or crosslinking, is the mechanism in which a functional entity (single molecule or functionality part of an oligomer, pre-polymer or polymer) reacts during the polymerization process with the other elements to be incorporated in the new polymer chains system. There are various crosslinking methods, and curing agents can improve the polymerization mechanism. Sometimes, curing agents are absolutely required to reach the final coating’s characteristics. Between all the varieties of crosslinking chemistries, this guide will help you select the best curing agent for your coating formulations.

What is a Curing Agent?

Select the Right Curing AgentNowadays, in many coatings, the final film appears through a crosslinking reaction. This final film results of a reaction between the main polymer and a crosslinking, or curing, agent.

A curing agent can be defined as a substance able to participate in the chemical reaction between the oligomer, pre-polymer and polymer, to achieve the polymerization process and provide the final film. It means that the curing agent is consumed by this reaction. Consequently, it will stay in the final film and participate to its chemical and mechanical properties. With the binders, the curing agent will help to build the 3D network. This mechanism can be further modified using a Catalyst Agent.

The table and figure below shows the comparison between the polymerization processes with and without the curing agent:


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2 Comments on "Select Curing Agents for Coating Formulations"
ram k Aug 10, 2017
1>>In UV curable inks and coatings , from the below other then Amines, which one can be used ? Amides Silanes Isocyanates Arizidines Mercapto compounds 2 >>What is recommended dose ? 3>what are disadvantages of excessive use other than product stability?
Jose C Jun 21, 2017
Comment: Curing Agents achieve polymerization (crosslinking) at room temperature. Example, in a 2-parts epoxy resin can be heat cured without participating a curing agent. Question: what is the recommended curing agent for a 2-parts anhydrous epoxy system? Regards

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