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Miraval® 5450 Cosmic Bronze

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Merck

Miraval® 5450 Cosmic Bronze by Merck is a special effect pigment. Composed of large, very thin calcium aluminum borosilicate platelets coated with a protective silica layer and TiO2 in rutile modification, which results in smooth and regular surface of the platelets and leads to improved chroma and color purity. This protective layer also increases mechanical stability as well as gloss and leads to rounded edges. This bronze sparkling powder offers intense brilliance, excellent coverage and color-intensive impact, even at low pigment concentrations. Provides an unprecedented, highly brilliant, pure and maximum bronze effects that are marked by a beautiful iridescence. With a particle size of 20–200 μm, the pigment lends high-covering, glittering bronze accents to the formulations. Depending on the concentration, many different bronze-colored effects can be obtained. It can be used as a single colorant or in combination with other effect pigments. Its best advantage is in combination with darker “background” colors. Suitable for decorative wallpaper, flooring, paper and textile coatings. Applications include flexographic printing, gravure printing, screen printing, overprint varnishing and fulltone printing applications. Miraval® 5450 Cosmic Bronze is compliant with food packaging regulations.

Miraval® 5450 Cosmic Bronze Product details

Product Type
Chemical Composition
Physical Form
Bronze sparkling
Product Launch Date
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
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Food contact approval

Miraval® 5450 Cosmic Bronze Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Calcium aluminum borosilicate
xxxxxxxxxx %
Titanium dioxide
xxxxxxxxxx %
Silicon dioxide
xxxxxxxxxx %
Iron (III) oxide
xxxxxxxxx %
Tin (IV) oxide
xxxxx %
Particle size distribution (Measured by laser diffraction)
xxxxxxxx µm

Color Information Properties

Test Condition
Test Method
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