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Incozol 4

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Incorez

Bis-oxazolidine. Acts as a curing agent/latent hardener. Hydrolyses on exposure to moisture, yielding a reactive amine and hydroxyl functional cross-linking agent. Offers stability to repeated opening of containers and accelerates the curing of low-NCO PU prepolymers. Has an excellent shelf life and can be used as bi- or tetra-functional agent. Enables the production of high-build coatings without CO2 gassing. Used in both one- and two-component PU systems. In one-component systems, it is normally used with aliphatic prepolymers. In two-component systems, it can also be used with aromatic prepolymers or isocyanates. Recommended for high-build, high-solids (low-VOC) moisture cure varnishes and coatings systems for roofing and balcony.

Incozol 4 Product details

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Chemical Composition
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Applications/ Recommended for
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Incozol 4 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Equivalent weight
Typical viscosity @ 20ºC
xxxxxx mPa.s
xxxx g/cm3
xxxxx APHA
Flash point
xx °C
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