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I liked the professional delivery by the speaker; obtained useful links to resources, suppliers & references.

Product Development Manager

Great to hear from a lecturer with extensive real-world experience rather than just academic knowledge.

R&D Manager at Quantum Leap Packaging

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Wednesday Feb 4, 2015

By Neil Cunningham

Review test methods and equipment to efficiently characterize flow behavior in practice. Popular testing techniques, their pros & cons as well as practical considerations for implementation will be discussed.

12 Days left to register

Thursday Feb 12, 2015

By Don Rosato

Detect today's best weight saving innovations in the automotive industry and focus your R&D on the right projects (new materials, new applications) with a review of current landscape & latest advances. 

18 Days left to register

Wednesday Feb 18, 2015

By Andreas Tschech

Structure your knowledge on FDA regulations regarding adhesives & coatings materials used in food contact applications & get guidance to upgrade your R&D practices for faster compliance: substances selection, contact conditions, cost requirements…

24 Days left to register

Tuesday Feb 24, 2015

By Eric Abrutyn

Rapidly discard formulations with stability issues by better organizing and combining your tests and by reviewing the impact of external factors (light, temperature, packaging...) on end-product stability.

26 Days left to register

Thursday Feb 26, 2015

By Dr. Gary Critchlow

Optimize adhesion to metal substrates by letting Gary Critchlow show you how to best use surface analysis (AES, XPS, SIMS, tensile testing, wedge testing, fatigue and corrosion testing) to support your developments.

11 Days left to register

Wednesday Feb 11, 2015

By Adnan Siddiqui

Optimally use defoamers to prevent / solve foaming issues while limiting undesired side-effect in your coating and ink formulations. Defoamer selection, dosage and incorporation conditions will be discussed.

17 Days left to register

Tuesday Feb 17, 2015

By Chris DeArmitt

Save time finding the cheapest solution that fulfills all your requirements by structuring your knowledge on fillers and how they influence thermoplastics performance. The implementation of these essential considerations will be discussed to help you maximize efficiently performance and cost ratio in practice.

19 Days left to register

Thursday Feb 19, 2015

By Jochum Beetsma

Face most of the challenges commonly encountered when formulating, storing and applying coatings and inks. Applied example on pigment dispersion, dispersion stability, increasing solid content, coalescence... will be developed.

25 Days left to register

Wednesday Feb 25, 2015

By Marc Hirsch

Extend service life, reduce coating thickness or the number of layers… & better adapt to market changes (stricter environmental regulation, end-user pressing demand for higher performance systems…) by reviewing current state-of-the-art and latest formulation strategies.

31 Days left to register

Tuesday Mar 3, 2015

By T Richard Hull

Better select halogen-free flame retardants by not only meeting the flammability specifications, but also meeting all of the other physical, mechanical, electrical requirements etc. without entailing excessive cost.

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