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Thursday Apr 2, 2015

By Don Rosato

Clarify opportunities that are emerging for plastic materials in food packaging by reviewing 2015 most promising innovations in barrier materials & technologies (PVdC-Free Clear High-Barrier BOPP Film, New Foamed PET Bottle Technology, Triplex-Laminate Biodegradable packaging…).

10 Days left to register

Wednesday Apr 8, 2015

By Jochum Beetsma

Solve faster your coatings and inks adhesion issues by reviewing origin of adhesive failure and compatible solutions (pre-treatment, additives...) for waterborne, solvent-based, high-solids, and powder coatings.

18 Days left to register

Thursday Apr 16, 2015

By Dr Philip Jacoby

Better select and use nucleating agents/clarifiers (phosphate esters, sorbitols, metal salts, fillers such as talc...) for your Polypropylene in order to improve the stiffness-impact strength balance, clarity of your moulded parts and reduce cycle times.

25 Days left to register

Thursday Apr 23, 2015

By Mark DeMeuse

Optimize nanocomposites for higher strength, HDT, moisture resistance... by playing smartly with formulation and processing parameters (filler selection & loadings, shear deformation).  Relation of the structure of nanocomposites to the observed properties (mechanical, barrier, electrical…) will be discussed in detail.

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Wednesday Apr 29, 2015

By Julian Hewitt

Gain better understanding of what is involved in testing SPF, and know precisely what tests could be done in-house and which ones should be asked to external labs. Julian Hewitt will detail the different variables of in-vitro testing (substrate type, substrate roughness, application rate, application technique…).

9 Days left to register

Tuesday Apr 7, 2015

By Karl Lintner

Renew your claims playing on the sensorial experience brought by your cosmetics: review ingredients improving sensorial aspects (well-being, positive emotions, pleasure...) and how to scientifically measure consumer’s perception (eye-tracking, speech analysis, lie-detector...)

11 Days left to register

Thursday Apr 9, 2015

By Chris DeArmitt

Boost performance of your filled thermoplastics (strength, stability, processability, resistance…), reduce failures and make savings  by improving dispersion of fillers in the polymer matrix and controlling fillers-additives interactions to prevent unwanted effects like additive deactivation.

23 Days left to register

Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

By Karl Lintner

Select among the hundreds of new cosmetic “active” ingredients launched each year the one that will really contribute to the success of your cosmetics.

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Tuesday Apr 28, 2015

By Chris DeArmitt

Get faster to the right balance between impact resistance and compatibility with other additives (color pigments, flame retardants…) by reviewing successful impact modification strategies (copolymers, plasticizers, blends, fillers, rubber...) and their pros & cons.

32 Days left to register

Thursday Apr 30, 2015

By Edward Petrie

Limit time spent on your plasticizers selection with a structured review of best suited chemistries vs applications. Ed Petrie will also share a testing and validation process to evaluate plasticizers in your new or current adhesives formulations.

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