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Johan Bieleman
3 Days left to register

Wednesday Sep 28, 2016

By Johan Bieleman

Ease your cobalt-free driers selection by reviewing how to improve alkyd coatings drying & hardness performance with an optimal selection and use of combination of driers (Mn, Ca, Zr...) in...

Edward Petrie
10 Days left to register

Wednesday Oct 5, 2016

By Edward Petrie

Find today’s best adhesion promoters (additives, primers) for your adhesives & coatings within the rich & fast evolving offering around all market sectors (auto, packaging, electronics, medical…)...

Jochum  Beetsma
17 Days left to register

Wednesday Oct 12, 2016

By Jochum Beetsma

Solve faster film defects (cratering, pinholing, crawling, floating...) of your coatings & inks with this 2-part advanced course by reviewing physico-chemistry that governs film defects and by...

Laurence Pearson
23 Days left to register

Tuesday Oct 18, 2016

By Laurence Pearson

Better search and map US patent claims and reduce the risk of missing an important one that could ruin your own patentability or freedom to operate by getting practical advice to structure your...

Norman F. Estrin
25 Days left to register

Thursday Oct 20, 2016

By Norman F. Estrin

Craft attractive cosmetic claims for the US market with an acceptable level of risk by clarifying the boundaries between cosmetics and drugs. After a short refresher on regulation, the course will...

John Duffy
4 Days left to register

Thursday Sep 29, 2016

By John Duffy

Get a head start into Hybrid Silane Chemistry to formulate the high performance & eco-friendly adhesives and coatings of the future. You will get a view of cost-effective formulation tactics...

Don Rosato
11 Days left to register

Thursday Oct 6, 2016

By Don Rosato

Save time with a synthetic & neutral overview of the latest developments in conductive plastics & ICPs (ESD / EMI protection, RFID tags...) and find-out new ideas for your future developments. Keep...

Julian Hewitt
18 Days left to register

Thursday Oct 13, 2016

By Julian Hewitt

Meet faster your high SPF & UVA targets. Julian Hewitt will share his unique expertise to help you select the right active(s), maximize their efficacy and ensure the photostability of the...

Jeffrey A. Jansen
24 Days left to register

Wednesday Oct 19, 2016

By Jeffrey A. Jansen

Reduce environmental stress cracking (ESC) of your plastic parts by efficiently predicting failure occurrence, analyzing its origin and implementing adequate prevention measures...

Johan Goris
30 Days left to register

Tuesday Oct 25, 2016

By Johan Goris

Select faster the right wax (PE, FT, PP...) depending on your application by mapping chemistries with best application fit. Influence of waxes on setting, open time... will be discussed, as well as...

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