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Eric Abrutyn
3 Days left to register

Tuesday Feb 9, 2016

By Eric Abrutyn

Rapidly discard formulations with stability issues by better organizing and combining your tests and by reviewing the impact of external factors (light, temperature, packaging...) on end-product stability.

Marc Hirsch
11 Days left to register

Wednesday Feb 17, 2016

By Marc Hirsch

Adapt you coating formulation strategies to market changes (stricter environmental regulation, end-user pressing demand for fewer layer or reduced coating thickness...) by reviewing current state-of-the-art and latest formulation strategies.

Edward Petrie
17 Days left to register

Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

By Edward Petrie

Review valid solutions to reduce cost of your hot melt adhesives while preserving wetting, adhesion, shear, peel, tack… Successful strategies involving base polymers blends, tackifier alternatives, and latest processing techniques will be discussed.

T Richard Hull
25 Days left to register

Wednesday Mar 2, 2016

By T Richard Hull

Better select halogen-free flame retardants by not only meeting the flammability specifications, but also meeting all of the other physical, mechanical, electrical requirements etc. without entailing excessive cost.

Jochum  Beetsma
31 Days left to register

Tuesday Mar 8, 2016

By Jochum Beetsma

Solve faster your coatings and inks adhesion issues by reviewing origin of adhesive failure and compatible solutions (pre-treatment, additives...) for waterborne, solvent-based, high-solids, and powder coatings.

Colin Sanders
10 Days left to register

Tuesday Feb 16, 2016

By Colin Sanders

Review the alternative exfoliating agents that you can use to replace polymer microbeads. Colin Sanders will details their pros & cons and how to best use them in your cosmetic formulations. 

Jeffrey A. Jansen
12 Days left to register

Thursday Feb 18, 2016

By Jeffrey A. Jansen

Boost your plastics developments (minimize additive interactions, fine-tune processing…) by getting truly supportive data from Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). You'll learn to go beyond routine polymer characterization with guided data extraction through real-life cases.

Don Rosato
19 Days left to register

Thursday Feb 25, 2016

By Don Rosato

Detect today's best weight saving innovations in the automotive industry to meet latest requirements with a review of current landscape & latest advances. 

Karl Lintner
26 Days left to register

Thursday Mar 3, 2016

By Karl Lintner

Improve the sensorial experience brought by your cosmetics: review ingredients improving sensorial aspects (well-being, positive emotions, pleasure...) and how to scientifically  sustain your claims (eye-tracking, speech analysis, lie-detector...)

Laurence Pearson
32 Days left to register

Wednesday Mar 9, 2016

By Laurence Pearson

Better read & interpret US patents claims (key attention points, what has been invented, what is protected/what is not...) and adequately use the information to ensure your development does not infringe on another’s patent.

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