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I liked the professional delivery by the speaker; obtained useful links to resources, suppliers & references.

Product Development Manager

Great to hear from a lecturer with extensive real-world experience rather than just academic knowledge.

R&D Manager at Quantum Leap Packaging

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Tuesday Nov 4, 2014

By Mike Clingerman

Optimize the curing profile of your UV system for coatings & inks. The course will briefly review the basics and then will discuss all the factors affecting curing performance & cost throughout the curing process (ingredients, UV lamps, ambient conditions...). Latest rad-cure innovations will also be discussed using industry examples.

5 Days left to register

Thursday Nov 6, 2014

By Laurence Pearson

Expand your skills at searching and mapping patents and reduce risk of missing an important one that could ruin your own patentability or freedom to operate by getting practical advice to structure your search and to identify connections between patents for a given technology.

18 Days left to register

Wednesday Nov 19, 2014

By Laurence Pearson

Failure to find and understand the claims in a competitor’s patent can result in expense in terms of law suits or lost business and lost opportunity in not taking advantage of a patentable invention. The focus of this online training will be on the mechanics of searching and mapping interpretation of the results for freedom to practice questions an...

24 Days left to register

Tuesday Nov 25, 2014

By Derek Bamborough

Accelerate your PSA developments and reach faster the performance required by your customers with an improved use of DMA results. It will help you to better select your tackifiers, plasticizers and other additives as well as to adjust their loadings.

31 Days left to register

Tuesday Dec 2, 2014

By Jeffrey A. Jansen

Improve environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) of your plastic parts by efficiently predicting failure occurrence, analyzing its origin and implementing adequate prevention measures.

4 Days left to register

Wednesday Nov 5, 2014

By Norman F. Estrin

Craft attractive cosmetic claims for the US market with an acceptable level of risk by clarifying the boundaries between cosmetics and drugs. After a short refresher on regulation, the course will discuss real company claims and ends-up with a mini-quiz to assess your skills.

11 Days left to register

Wednesday Nov 12, 2014

By Rogier van Duin

Add speed to your experimental practices and learn how to run fewer experiments with higher outputs (optimal condition, performance levels, interaction...). Principles and models will be discussed in easy-to-understand terms, with moderate reference to mathematical equations.

19 Days left to register

Thursday Nov 20, 2014

By Jochum Beetsma

Solve faster film defects (cratering, pinholing, crawling, floating...) of your coatings & inks with this 2-part advanced course by reviewing physico-chemistry that governs film defects and by learning how to effectively adjust your process (temperature, water evaporation, layer thickness...) with less trials. Part 2 is scheduled on December 04.

25 Days left to register

Wednesday Nov 26, 2014

By François Magnin

Reformulate faster your industrial coatings while meeting regulation and safety requirements by optimizing selection of solvents for higher performance. Key parameters (Hansen parameters, solvent evaporation profile...) for good decision making will be covered in a very practical way.

32 Days left to register

Wednesday Dec 3, 2014

Meet confidently requirements set by regulating organizations by generating the right data to support your claims. What are the criteria for « Evidence Based Cosmetics » ? How can/should claims be supported, by which methods? A review of the ins and outs, the advantages and drawbacks of bench top (in vitro) and clinical (in vivo) testing will be gi...

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