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Solving Adhesion Issues of Coatings & Inks

This is a Past Course

Recorded on Feb 8, 2017

Solve faster your coating adhesion issues (blistering inducing metal corrosion, poor adhesion to plastics…) by efficiently determining compatible fix based on the problem root causes.

Jochum Beetsma will review factors disturbing adhesion (poor wetting, smoothness, lack of interactions, weak boundary layers...) and how to tackle failure at its origin.

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Presented By:
Jochum Beetsma
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Adhesion is the single most important functionality of your coatings. And often formulators lack methodology and waste time to solve poor adhesion cases. Join this course and get to know what to do once you know the problem root cause:

  1. Troubleshoot faster by reviewing compatible fix (pre-treatments, additives…) based on root causes analysis
  2. Detect factors disturbing your coating adhesion by reviewing key adhesion mechanisms (wetting, mechanical anchoring, interactions...)
  3. Get expert guidance to solve your own adhesion challenges based on real-life examples
Troubleshooting Adhesion Issues Coatings Paints Inks

Who should view this course?

Experienced developers, formulators, producers and users of coatings, inks and related systems (waterborne, solvent-based, high solids, melts and powder coatings).            

Course Outline

The following key aspects of coating adhesion will be covered:

  • Importance of wetting and spreading: surface tension, surface energy and pre-treatment.
  • Basic aspects of adhesion: interactions, hydrogen bonding, mechanical anchoring, penetration, diffusion and coupling.
  • Pre-conditions in order to achieve adhesion: complete wetting, surface roughness, adjustment of interactions and prevention of stress.
  • Influence of additives on adhesion: wetting agents, adhesion promoters and release agents.
  • Main causes & their solutions for adhesive failure: additives, stress, substitution, hydrophobicity, dirt, smoothness and weak boundary layers.
  • Every day problems associated with intercoat adhesion.

  • All these points will be illustrated with REAL LIFE EXAMPLES (wood coating system, adhesion on plastic...)

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    Members Reviews

    Very clear overview on main categories of substrates + hints on how to proceed to solve coating adhesion issues encountered in real life.

    Dominique R. , from Tarkett GDL SA

    This excellent course helps to understand adhesion concepts and ways to prevent adhesion failure.

    Hong X. , from Cardolite Corporation

    This course gave very good introduction to many factors involved in adhesion.

    Jeffrey K. , from Sartomer

    Very good course! it gives me ideas on how to fix some problems in my job.

    Luca F. , from METCO Srl

    Excellent background into the topic!

    Tayo Y. , from Hewlett-Packard

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