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Molecular-Tech Coatings Inc. Presents a New Generation Paint Stripper that is Environmentally Friendly and All Purpose

SpecialChem / Jan 17, 2005

MAPLE RIDGE, British Columbia, -- Molecular-Tech Coatings Inc., an industrial coatings and paints manufacturer announces a new water-borne paint stripper technology, EFS-2500. The EFS-2500 paint stripper is designed as a replacement for hazardous methylene chloride based paint strippers.

EFS-2500 is an all purpose paint stripper that may be used universally on everything from military aircrafts, to building graffiti, to house restoration. This non-toxic, biodegradable paint stripper is so versatile, it may even be used on your own mountain bike. EFS-2500 does not contain methylene chloride, a common chemical in traditional paint strippers. All ingredients used in the formulation also comply with the U.S. EPA rules on emissions.

Although other similar environmentally products do exist, Molecular-Tech Coatings Inc., EFS-2500 paint stripper is unique due to the high quality job that it performs. EFS-2500 has been specially formulated to comply with today's strict VOC regulations and laws in Canada and the United States. EFS- 2500 currently complies with the California VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). California is the leading state in the fight against pollution.

Phat Thiphavong, Vice President of Molecular-Tech Coatings Inc. believes an important environmental problem is being addressed with this technology. "Our environmentally friendly paint stripper contains no chlorinated components or carcinogens. EFS-2500 is non-acidic, non-flammable and non- hazardous; and does not cause hydrogen embrittlement while affording minimal to no air pollution potential."

Phat continues, "We understand today's consumers are more environmentally conscious and are looking for more innovative products. Our EFS-2500 paint stripper technology provides consumers with a safer and friendlier alternative while preserving the environment."

Source: Molecular-Tech Coatings Inc

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