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Jul 19, 2017 | Industry News

AkzoNobel Plans to Double Organic Peroxide Capacity in China

AkzoNobel has planned to double production capacity at its organic peroxides facility in China. A project to boost the capacity by 40% is already underway, which is expected to be completed by...

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Jul 4, 2017 | Industry News

Evonik Brings Crosslinkers & Epoxy Curing Agents Under Single Business Unit

Evonik Industries has combined its isophorone chemistry and epoxy curing agents business in the new Crosslinkers Business Line. The products are used in applications due to mechanical strength...

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Jun 13, 2017 | Industry News

ChemSpec & Labema Corrosion Inhibitors Enter Distribution Agreement

ChemSpec MéXICO and Labema Corrosion Inhibitors have recently entered into a distribution arrangement. Labema’s brands represent corrosion inhibitors for water-based coatings; which includes...

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Apr 3, 2017 | Product News

Celanese at ECS 2017: to Present its Wide Range of Mowilith® Dispersions

Celanese has announced that it will present its Mowilith® brand of dispersions at ECS. The VAE dispersions enable the formulation of low-VOC exterior façade paints and plasters by combining hard...

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Mar 17, 2017 | Product News

BYK at ECS 2017: to Exhibit Liquid Rheology Additive and more

BYK has announced that it will be presenting its additives for architectural coatings at ECS. BYK’s DISPERBYK-2062 is a VOC- and APEO-free wetting and dispersing additive for the manufacture of...

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Jul 5, 2017 | Industry News

Troy’s Field Testing of Preservatives Ensure Long-lasting Coating Protection

Troy maintains numerous field testing sites around the world for the evaluation of its preservatives. Troy field testing is conducted in order to ensure the highest levels of performance, optimized...

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Jun 22, 2017 | Product News

GreenMantra Introduces Ceranovus™ G, a Series of Polypropylene Waxes for Inks & Coatings

GreenMantra has developed a new line of synthetic polypropylene waxes made with 100 percent recycled materials. The Ceranovus G series can be used in inks and paints. Ceranovus G series...

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Apr 3, 2017 | Product News

Evonik at ECS 2017: Launches Defoamers and Surfactant for Food Packaging

Evonik is introducing defoamers and surfactant at for food contact applications. The defoamers control foam in water-based pigment grinds, inks, overprint varnishes, coatings. The oil-based Airase®...

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Mar 28, 2017 | Product News

Lonza at ECS 2017: to Launch MIT-free Biocide for In-Can Preservation

Lonza has announced that it is launching a new addition to the Proxel® range of preservatives in Europe. It is a MIT- free biocide used in water-based paints. It offers powerful extensive protection...

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Mar 16, 2017 | Product News

Lubrizol Introduces Wetting and Dispersing Agent for UV Cured Ink Systems

Lubrizol has introduced Solsperse™ 74000, a 100% solids wetting and dispersing agent for UV cured ink systems. It is a 100% active polymeric dispersant designed to improve operational efficiencies...

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