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Digitizing Growth in Chemicals and Materials Société de Chimie Industrielle Monthly Event

Apr 19-19, 2017
Where? The Yale Club of New York City, NY, USA
Why attend?

Given the major challenges occurring in the chemicals industry on how to accelerate innovation and profitable growth, Société de Chimie Industrielle has gathered an exceptional expert panel to share their views on the topic of "Digitizing Growth: What works in Chemicals and Materials".

SpecialChem CEO and Founder, Christophe Cabarry, will serve as an expert panelist and will be joined by Yann Cohen, Principal of Monitor Deloitte Strategy and Global Digital Chemistry Leader for Deloitte Consulting.

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More information?

See SpecialChem’s Press Release

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Contact: Danielle J. Fraser, Administrator; Tel: +1-212-735-9539; Email id:; Website:

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