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In his renowned editorial, our expert Mark Drukenbrod is featuring and analyzing biweekly a comprehensive digest of international coatings industry news. You can receive these editorials through our Newsletter.

Apr 23, 2002 | Editorial

PPG numbers down, Kansai Paint doubles stake in Sime Kansai Paints, Peppers in antifouling coatings

In news since the last newsletter, on Friday, PPG released their financials and said that their numbers are down despite taking an $81 million restructuring charge, shedding over 1000 employees...

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Apr 16, 2002 | Editorial

Degussa not a bidder for Bayer's Haarmann and Reimer flavors and fragrances unit, Frederick Cooper agrees to sell CCC assets

Hello and welcome to the early-week Newsletter. Good economic news continues to leak into the media, and the list of companies who are expecting to outperform Wall Street...

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Apr 9, 2002 | Editorial

Imerys to restructure clay operation in Cornwall, Spinnaker Coating sold for around $24 million

Hello and welcome to the early week edition of the Newsletter. Business indicators continue to improve slightly in the industry, and price increase pass-throughs are coming...

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Apr 2, 2002 | Editorial

Four golden years of

I am pleased to announce that we have re-launched our website to better serve paint and coatings formulation professionals. The world of business communications has changed dramatically since...

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Mar 15, 2002 | Editorial

Rohm and Haas to build new production facility in Mumbai, Lubrizol donated CAMP Inc. intellectual property valuing $22.4 million

New since last letter, in addition to the articles linked below, we note that Dianippon Ink and Chemicals has executed a sales agreement for their Reichhold formulated adhesives business as DIC...

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Apr 18, 2002 | Editorial

BASF and Eastman announced price increases, Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical forms JV with Eastman

In news since last letter, the economy continues to show some new life in our business sector. Dupont has joined Eastman, Rohm and Haas and Sherwin Williams in beating Wall Street expectations for...

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Apr 11, 2002 | Editorial

AECI to return stake in Huntsman Tioxide, Preparation continues for Rhode Island lead paint suit

Hello and welcome to the late week edition of the Newsletter. In international news, AECI is taking steeps to return their 40% stake in Huntsman Tioxide SA to the parent...

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Apr 4, 2002 | Editorial

Degussa signed agreements for third divestment, DSM and SABIC agrees on purchase, FTC issues consent agreement

Hello and welcome to the late-week edition of the electronic newsletter. In late-breaking news, Degussa has signed agreements to complete their third divestment of this...

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Mar 18, 2002 | Editorial

Air Products, Dow, Intertek Testing Services and Thermo LabSystems planning to form a new company, Neolytica

Hello [firstname] , Welcome to the late-week edition of the newsletter. The news this week made me remember picking up my local newspaper last month to be greeted by a...

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