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Aug 1, 2002 | Editorial

Bayer's earnings fell sharply in Q2, PeruQuimicos reports 25% increase in 2001 sales, BASF devised Antique Color Chip CD-ROM

Welcome to your late week news update from . In financial news, Bayer announced today that its earnings fell sharply in the second quarter of 2002 and that it foresaw no...

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Jul 25, 2002 | Editorial

DuPont to post $543 million profit in Q2, First stage of offer by RAG in Degussa overs, Mazda develops new environmentally friendly coating technology

Welcome to your late-week paint industry wrap-up. Again in the latter part of this week, industry financials are looking good and there are signs that research and development is alive and well...

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Jul 18, 2002 | Editorial

S-W posts Q2 numbers, DuPont expects to beat Q2 earnings estimates, Pinturas Blatem acquires Industrias Quimicas Inesba

To start the newsletter in these trying economic times, it’s amusing to note that it was on July 17 of 1861 that the US Congress adopted a resolution to draw paper money against the Treasury...

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Jul 11, 2002 | Editorial

Paint companies unleash legal arguments in Lead paint case, Crompton Corporation expands in China, German Chancellor sharply criticizes EU's chemical policy

Here is a small sample of the content that you missed if you haven’t been to since the Tuesday newsletter. The paint companies on trial in Rhode Island for manufacturing...

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Jul 3, 2002 | Editorial

PU demand sharply up, Chinese chemical businesses congregating in Shanghai area, Dow agrees with ADM to dissolve World Ethanol JV

Welcome to your recap of the news you missed if you haven’t been to since our last newsletter. Polyurethane demand is up sharply after one of the industry's worst years...

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Jul 30, 2002 | Editorial

Akzo Nobel's coatings earnings up by 15%, Eastman logs Q2 2002 earnings of $0.58/share, BASF will cease production of EG in US

Here is your early-week update from . Please visit our site for the details of these stories and others too numerous to list. The financials continued to roll in last...

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Jul 23, 2002 | Editorial

PPG posts good Q2 result on account of coatings, Asian Paints profits up by 33.8 %, MAB tracking world’s favorite painting songs on

Here is your Tuesday industry update, and despite the general panic on the NYSE and other markets, paint-related economic news continues to be pretty good. PPG Industries announced their second...

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Jul 16, 2002 | Editorial

Akzo Nobel considering alternatives for paints sales, Kansai Paint sold stake in Nissan, Wattyl expect to earn around $A17.5 million in 2003

Here is a capsule of a few of the things that have appeared on since the Thursday newsletter. Akzo Nobel says it may consider several alternatives as it aims to double...

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Jul 9, 2002 | Editorial

Lyondell financing plan successfully completed, Rockcote Architectural Coatings sold to Resene Paints, Gaz de France determined to expand in Germany

Here is your early-week global paint industry news. Please make sure you stop by to get the complete story. Lyondell Chemical Company announced yesterday the successful...

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Jul 2, 2002 | Editorial

Noveon purchases assets of American Finish and Chemical Company, Akzo Nobel to acquire Specialties business of Crompton Corporation, Eurotech develops A-HNIPU

Here is your early-week news capsule from . Noveon, Inc. announced late last week that it had purchased technology and other assets from American Finish and Chemical...

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