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Marine coatings are applied to military or commercial ships, pleasure craft, off shore rigs but also structures which are in sea or fresh water environments. Marine coatings need to provide the dual protection from corrosion and against marine-related damage and provide the performance demanded in the marine industry. Main chemistries used to formulate marine coatings are epoxies or polyurethanes.

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Sep 1, 2016 | Product News

Subsea Industries Unveils UV & Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Subsea has launched UV and corrosion resistant coatings. The coating is helpful for semi-submerged structures like wind turbines that are located in splash or tidal zones. No repaint is required...

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Aug 22, 2016 | Product News

SiVance Launches Silicone Resin to Help Extend Durability of Protective Coatings

SiVance has introduced a new reactive silicone technology. Coatings formulated with an epoxy-silicone hybrid offer increased durability in subsea coatings, immersion coatings, tank linings, thermal...

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Aug 16, 2016 | Industry News

AkzoNobel Helps Construct Bridge with its Paints

AkzoNobel helps build bridge with its paints to connect the people of two Indosian villages. AkzoNobel donated paints required to ensure the bridge is protected from corrosion and provided its...

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Aug 9, 2016 | Industry News

Scientists Develop Self-cleaning, Anti-reflective and Anti-microbial Coatings

Researchers have developed functional coatings that anti-microbial and have self-cleaning and anti-reflective properties. The coatings can be applied to industrial application like marine vessels...

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Jul 7, 2016 | Industry News

Conformal Coatings Market to Reach USD 12.28 Billion by 2021: M&M

Conformal coatings market to reach USD 12.28 billion by 2021. The market is driven by increasing demand for conformal coatings in emerging markets and high demand from the electronics, aerospace &...

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Aug 22, 2016 | Industry News

Axalta to Feature its Wide Range of Marine Coatings at the VBBT

Axalta will exhibit its marine coatings at the VBBT. Axalta’s coatings are designed for industrial applications like marine coatings and delivers best appearance. Axalta will feature Imron® MS600™...

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Aug 19, 2016 | Industry News

Hempel’s Fouling Defense Coating Meets Tough Demands of Fishing Vessels

Hempel’s revolutionary fouling defense coating is suited to meet tough demands of fishing vessels and other industrial applications. Hempaguard retains its effectiveness when steaming at slow or...

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Aug 10, 2016 | Industry News

U. S. EPA Seeks Comment on Anti-fouling Paint Test Method

U. S. EPA seeks comment on a testing method that could benefit boaters faced with strict regulation of copper-based anti-fouling paint. The biotic ligand model is of interest in California, where...

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Jul 12, 2016 | Product News

Hempel Introduces Two-component Pure Epoxy PSPC Compliant Coating

Hempel announces the launch of Hempadur Quattro XO 17820. Hempadur Quattro XO 17820 has been created specifically to suit the working methods of shipbuilders and so accommodates shorter re-coat...

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Jul 5, 2016 | Industry News

Anti-corrosion Coating Market to Reach USD 30.04 Billion by 2021: M&M

The global market size of anti-corrosion coating is projected to reach USD 30.04 Billion by 2021, registering a CAGR of 5.1% between 2016 and 2021. The growing marine industry is expected to drive...

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