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Marine coatings are applied to military or commercial ships, pleasure craft, off shore rigs but also structures which are in sea or fresh water environments. Marine coatings need to provide the dual protection from corrosion and against marine-related damage and provide the performance demanded in the marine industry. Main chemistries used to formulate marine coatings are epoxies or polyurethanes.

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Sep 23, 2016 | Industry News

Greenkote Opens Anti-corrosion Coatings Facility in Shanghai

Greenkote opens a new facility in Shanghai. Greenkote’s coatings provide corrosion protection and are eco-friendly. Greenkote-coated bolts address very high corrosion in marine environments. The...

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Sep 16, 2016 | Industry News

ANU Scientists Devise Superhydrophobic Coating for Wide Range of Applications

Scientists at ANU have developed a new water-repellent or superhydrophobic coating. The coating can be used to protect boat hulls from corroding, prevent ice from forming on aeroplanes or waterproof...

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Sep 9, 2016 | Industry News

PPG Exhibits its Range of Marine Coatings at the SMM Event

PPG is showcasing four of its premium marine coatings solutions at the SMM event. SIGMAGLIDE® 1290 fouling release coating is a 100 percent silicone binder fouling release system. It uses a dynamic...

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Sep 8, 2016 | Industry News

Evonik's Researchers Discuss Anti-corrosion Coating Systems for Offshore Applications

Evonik has developed a new coating system that will provide protection for offshore applications, such as steel constructions in wind turbines. Greater resource efficiency and other solutions were...

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Sep 1, 2016 | Product News

Subsea Industries Unveils UV & Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Subsea has launched UV and corrosion resistant coatings. The coating is helpful for semi-submerged structures like wind turbines that are located in splash or tidal zones. No repaint is required...

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Sep 20, 2016 | Industry News

Jotun Welcomes EU’s Approval to Use Copper in Marine Antifoulings

Jotun has welcomed the European Union’s decision to approve the use of copper in marine antifoulings. The approval will ensure continued benefits for the environment and the shipping industry...

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Sep 14, 2016 | Industry News

RPM Expands its Business by Acquiring Specialty Polymer Coatings

RPM has announced that it has acquired Specialty Polymer Coatings. SPC’s coatings have applications in marine, railway cars and other industrial coatings. It will operate as a free-standing business...

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Sep 8, 2016 | Product News

AkzoNobel Unveils Sustainable Non-biocide Fouling Control Coating

AkzoNobel has launched a sustainable biocide-free fouling control coating. It delivers smoother films upon application, leading to lower hull roughness and improved vessel efficiency. It offers fuel...

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Sep 6, 2016 | Industry News

Hempel Embraces New Hull & Propeller Performance Criteria ISO 19030

Hempel has welcomed the new hull & propeller performance criteria ISO 19030. It will be used to quantify any degradation in hull and propeller efficiency of a vessel. It will be a useful tool to...

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Aug 22, 2016 | Industry News

Axalta to Feature its Wide Range of Marine Coatings at the VBBT

Axalta will exhibit its marine coatings at the VBBT. Axalta’s coatings are designed for industrial applications like marine coatings and delivers best appearance. Axalta will feature Imron® MS600™...

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