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Inks industry is split between various processes which are different because of the image transfer method and by the type of image carrier employed. The image can be transferred to the substrate either by direct printing where the image is transferred directly from the image carrier to the substrate or by indirect printing where the image is first transferred to a cylinder ant then to substrate. Different inks processes: Flexographic inks, Lithographic printing Letterpress, Gravure printing, Screen printing, Digital inks.

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This brochure details the fundamental properties of Carbon Black (particle size, porosity, surface chemistry, etc.) and how they determine the carbon black’s application performance. In addition...


Ink Receptive Technology
Ink Receptive Coatings are innovative technology facing the challenge of ink absorption in various substrates. These materials are specially designed for films, textiles and paper, and bring excellent print quality, rapid ink dry time, preservation of ink stability and many others.

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Nov 17, 2015 | Webinar

Tuesday Nov 17 2015

By Ayaz A. Khan

Are you formulating water-based pigment dispersions? And looking to develop more sustainable products to answer regulatory and market requirements while keeping high-performance level? During this...

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WB Packaging Inks: Formulation Tips to Solve the 5 Biggest Challenges

Overcome the 5 biggest challenges (drying speed, foaming, adhesion, press stability, and clean up) when formulating and using water based packaging inks...

WB waterborne packaging inks drying adhesion stability  foaming

Selection Guide

Solvent Based Flexible Packaging Inks

By Terence Kenneth

Review the guidelines to select raw materials dedicated to flexible packaging inks segment. This selection guide would help you select waxes, surface additives, various resins as well as pigments for flexible packaging inks. Both flexographic and gravure printing methods are used for flexible packaging printing. These two methods share the same raw materials, so in this selection guide both printing methods will be grouped and explained together.

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Green Biologics is a producer of 100% renewable n-butanol and acetone, which we aim to provide to the paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, and inks industries to increase the sustainability of...


How to Maximize Ink Adhesion on PP Flexible Packaging

Achieve good ink adhesion on PP flexible packaging & survive heat, moisture, wrinkling...

Ink Adhesion Polypropylene Plastic Packaging


High performance dispersants for water-based colorants
Rhodoline® high performance dispersants have been designed for the fomulation of water-based colorants used in Architectural, Industrial & Ink applications. These additives help producers to develop more sustainable products (removal of Glycols and other VOCs) with a high level of performance.

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UV Inkjet Ink: 5 Practical Tips for Successful Formulation

Formulate your UV inkjet inks without struggle with these 5 concrete and practical rules about raw material selection and formulation techniques...

UV Inkjet Ink Formulation


Storage Stability : How to Check & Avoid Sedimentation

Avoid sedimentation during the storage of your coatings and inks. Discover how to adjust step-by-step your formulation!...

Storage stability sedimentation paints inks

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