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Unlike architectural, industrial coatings are not defined by their aesthetic properties but by their protective ones. Industrial protective coatings are mainly long-lasting coating solutions which allow longer use of industrial facilities or other industrial applications exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Polyurethane, polyester, epoxy and fluoropolymers are the main resins used in industrial coatings.

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Dec 15, 2016 | Industry News

BASF Completes Sale of its Industrial Coatings Business to AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel has finalized the acquisition of BASF’s global Industrial Coatings business, which supplies a range of products for construction, domestic appliances, wind energy and commercial transport...

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Dec 12, 2016 | Industry News

Neptune Lines Saves Fuel Consumption with Hempel’s Hull Coatings

Neptune Lines saves fuel consumption with the help of Hempel’s Hempaguard hull coatings. Neptune Lines decided to apply Hempel’s coating to its PCTC Neptune Dynamis. Neptune Dynamis out-performed...

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Dec 9, 2016 | Industry News

SolarWindow to Apply Electricity-generating Coatings onto Flexible Glass

SolarWindow to apply its electricity-generating coatings onto flexible glass. It will create new product opportunities for curved and non-flat surfaces in automotive, aircraft, and military...

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Dec 7, 2016 | Industry News

Scott Bader’s Zero Styrene Spray Gelcoat Technology Receives Award

Scott Bader was presented with ‘Most innovative supplier 2016’ award for it’s new, ‘zero styrene’ spray gelcoat technology. Scott Bader has developed it for wind turbine blades. LM Wind Power is now...

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Dec 6, 2016 | Industry News

LOT Polish Airlines Selects PPG’s Topcoat and Primer System for its Jets and Airplane

LOT Polish Airlines has chosen a new eco-friendly chrome-free aerospace primer coatings system by PPG to repaint three jets and an airplane. High-solids DESOPRIME™ 7065 chrome-free polyurethane...

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Dec 14, 2016 | Industry News

Santa Barbara Infrared to Use Surrey NanoSystems’ Vantablack Coating

Santa Barbara Infrared will use Surrey NanoSystems’ Vantablack S-VIS surface coating. Vantablack was developed for space-borne imaging applications and offers exceptional IR absorption and excellent...

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Dec 12, 2016 | Industry News

Kansai Paint to Purchase Helios Coatings Group

Kansai Paint to purchase Helios Group. Helios will become Kansai’s European center for R&D, innovation and business development for automotive, industrial and architectural paints. With the...

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Dec 8, 2016 | Product News

Axalta Launches Protective Coatings for Architectural and Industrial Applications

Axalta has introduced the new Procor® HP line of protective coatings for architectural and industrial applications. The Procor HP family of high solids products are designed to deliver superior...

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Dec 6, 2016 | Product News

Axalta Launches High Temperature, Corrosion-resistant Internal Pipe Coatings

Axalta has introduced two new high temperature, corrosion-resistant internal pipe coatings. The products are thermosetting epoxy powders designed to provide excellent chemical resistance when...

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Dec 5, 2016 | Industry News

COSCO Reduces Fuel Emissions with Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions

COSCO Europe has reached new heights of efficiency and environmental performance with the help pf Jotun’s hull coatings. HPS combines Jotun’s advanced SeaQuantum X200 antifouling and enhanced...

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