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Architectural and decorative coatings industry covers a large category of applications: interior and exterior house paints, primers, sealers, varnishes and stains. Decorative paints mainly add color to an interior room, to freshen up façades and can serve a protective purpose too by providing resistance to moisture, bacteria, corrosion, UV radiation, etc.

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Selection Guide

Defoamers Selection for Architectural Coatings

By Johan Bieleman

Get familiar with factors to consider when selecting defoamers for your architectural coatings. In this guide, you will find details about the various classes of defoamers, their mode of action, as well as their strengths and limitations per application. It will be useful to develop your flat/ matt wall paints, satin/ eggshell paints, semi-gloss dispersion paints, high gloss paints and clear varnishes.

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Selection Guide

Select Scratch & Mar Resistance Agents for Coatings

By Vincent Makala

Scratch & Mar Resistance agents are recommended in many formulations where improved resistance is required. Due to the influence of an agent on many properties, a correct choice may also positively influence other finished coating's characteristics. Among the large choice of agents available in market, this guide will help you select the right product for your formulation on the basis of its type and important characteristics.

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