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This innovative platform of varnish and coating solutions enables formulators to develop outstanding high temperature resistant coatings that are adapted a wide variety of formulations specificities. It provides to paint producers the possibility to each the highest  temperature resistance requirements or develop waterborne solution to meet the severe regulation and labeling on chemical substance.

Bring your high heat protective coating formulation to the next level

High heat protection is amongst the most demanding and most diverse type of application. Whether it is formulated and used for aerospace or electronics, the condition of resistance vary.

A global chemical producer has developed two organic/inorganic high heat solutions available as binder and coatings to meet the most specific application needs.

In some situations, maintaining current heat resistance up to 500°C while improving side features of the formulation such as electrical insulation is a real need. Meeting the severe regulation such as NMP-free, reduced VOC and being labeling compliant without compromising on heat performance may also be a strong but specific requirement. Last but not least, ease formulation processing and handling can significantly optimize overall system cost.

In other situations, increasing the resistance to heat, up to 800°C along with high mechanical resistance can help formulators and applicators to get into new markets with high-demanding specifications.

You can now develop tailor made outstanding high temperature coatings and meet your market requirements by choosing the best solution:

High heat resistant waterborne polyimide Varnish
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Extreme heat resistant polytitanocarbosilane Varnish Get More Details Download Extreme heat resistant polytitanocarbosilane Varnish

These products are available as resin or coating under a wide range of grades to fulfill your cost/performance requirements and tailor-made formulations requirements!

Go beyond with these innovative high heat protective coatings:

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high heat resistance?
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Case Studies from High heat solutions

Go beyond temperature resistance boundaries in your protective coating with 500°C continuous resistance and up to 800°C peak!

Protective coatings is a challenging application and current solutions, such as silicone, are not able to endure temperature higher than 550°C (peak) for more than 16 hours and are not providing a satisfying level of chemical and mechanical resistance. Would you value a coating capable of resisting to extreme temperature up to 800°C (peak temperature) and to 500°C continuously?

Exceed current high heat solutions overall performances with this brand new polytitanocarbosilanes based materials available as a resin or a ready to use film coating providing higher temperature resistance, improved chemical, mechanical and corrosion resistance compared to silicon!


Get high heat resistance with the best-in class NMP-free Polyimide Varnish: up to 550°C at 5% weight loss properties!

Get high heat resistance with the best-in class NMP-free Polyimide Varnish: up to 550°C at 5% weight loss properties!

A new NMP-free Polyimide Varnish coating material has been developed enabling high heat resistance formulation, easier handling with room temperature storage and can be customized to your application and process!

It allows the combination of high heat resistance, electrical insulation and chemical resistance with easy processing to develop protective coatings. An exclusive grade has also been developed for waterborne system with over 85% VOC reduction!


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