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Capstone® fluorosurfactants show unique properties in reducing surface tension and in solving surface defects. Using Capstone® in architectural or industrial coating formulations lead to improved film quality. Capstone® fluorosurfactants are based on short-chain fluorotelomers that are powerful at very low concentrations. The paints and coatings formulated with Capstone® products can help formulators meet both their performance and environmental objectives.


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Case Studies from DuPont™ Capstone® Fluorosurfactants Center

New Renewably Sourced DuPont™ Capstone® Fluorosurfactants: Excellent Wetting Agent Delivering Enhanced Leveling

Capstone® FS-64 and FS-65 Fluorosurfactants deliver better surface tension and enhanced leveling compared to other hydrocarbon surfactants. Capstone® FS-64 is a renewably sourced material that reaches low aqueous surface tension. And Capstone® FS-65 meets the criteria to pass OECD 301B biodegradability status.



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